My Story

From an early age, handwork has fascinated and inspired me. In 1976 I had the opportunity to throw my first pot on a wheel at an art center. From there I went to college and on to an apprenticeship in order to learn the art and craft of pottery. Since those early days, I have had extensive experience teaching classes and seminars for art institutes, in the studios where I have worked, and at the college level. Charlotte F. Speight and John Toki also feature my work in the fifth edition of Hands in Clay.

Being a teacher has reinforced my ability to use multiple techniques for crafting objects out of different kinds of clay as well as building different kinds of kilns. Work as a “production” potter for several different companies has taught me speed and efficiency at the wheel. My creative work has lead me to collaborate with many other artists, including potters, painters, and photographers. I have also been involved with setting up cooperative studios as well as starting my current business that features both my pottery and my husband’s photography.

Currently I favor crafting high-fire porcelain ware (though raku fired pieces continue to be a significant part of my artistic repertoire). Porcelain lends itself to the kind of carving and reshaping I like to do once I’ve thrown a piece on the wheel. When it comes to glazes, the ocean inspires me to create a watercolor effect on my pieces. My goal is to bring these technical and aesthetic elements together in order to invoke a sense of warmth and comfort in my pieces.

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